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I'm a 25-year-old second-year medical student living in Ontario, Canada. I'm pretty sure that the only way to stay sane in medical school is to have a life outside of medical school, and knitting is one of my chosen diversions.

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Friday, September 30, 2005

The beginning

After a year of reading knitting blogs, I've decided to hop on the bandwagon and make my own. This is very much an experiment - those of you who got here from my OD know how sporadic I can be about finding time to post! However, I'm proud of the things that I make, and I would like to share them with a wider audience.

To be honest, I'm also sick of lurking on other people's blogs but not having a URL to add to my comments so that they can reply!

A little about me:
I'm 24. I live in Ontario, Canada with my boyfriend, Brad. I'm in my second year of medical school.

I learned to knit years ago, but got back into it about 2 years ago now. I crochet too, and once in a while I cross-stitch. I make pretty slow progress at all of these because I don't have much time to devote to them - and I also tend to make small objects, for the same reason.

Current works in progress:
- A baby blanket for the very first grandchild in Brad's family, our nephew-to-be, William. He's due in November. I'm crocheting the blanket in the most mind-numbing pattern ever: one big granny square. The yarn is some sort of acrylic blend that I bought cheap (and without labels) at the LYS in my hometown. It's variegated, light mauves, blues and turquoises. I'm aiming for functionality and not beauty with this blanket. I plan to celebrate in a big way when I finally finish this thing!

- A baby sweater, also for William. I'm using Stephanie's Daisy pattern from Knitty. I actually swatched for this sweater, which is a major step forward (or backward, depending how you look at it) for me. The yarn is mercerized DK cotton, the brand of which is totally escaping me. I bought it on eBay and thought it looked like variegated yarn with fire engine red and Thomas the Tank Engine blue. It's really more fuschia and....well, I guess the blue was pretty accurate. Anyhow, Brad has convinced me that it's not "too girly," and besides, "aren't we going to encourage this kid to break down stereotypes in our world." I still think it might be a titch girly, but it's really soft and I love I'll probably use it anyways. I haven't met this kid's Dad (that's a long story for another day), but apparently he's very cool and laid-back...and I know his Mom (Brad's sister) fits that description, so I figure they'll be able to cope with comments like, "I love your little girl's sweater, is it handmade?" And of course, we all know ultrasounds aren't 100%, so there's always the possibility that we'll end up with a little Wilhelmina (*shudder* THERE'S a name) and this will be a moot point.

- Socks for Brad's Mom for Christmas. The Koigu is in the mail, so I guess this doesn't really count as a "work in progress" yet.

- Do projects that have been stuffed in the stash for months/years count? I say no....but suffice to say there is NO REASON for me to buy more yarn. However, as we all one needs a reason to buy yarn.

Take care, blog world. Catch ya later.


Blogger Kemma said...

Hey! Are you going to do the little i-cord snakes on the sweater?

12:57 a.m.  

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