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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Love from London

We're having a blast in England! We've had a whirlwind trip so far and have tried to mix "touristing" with hanging out with family. We're staying in tonight to babysit our nephew while his parents go out to the theatre. A treat for all of us!

Turns out Canada Day in Trafalgar Square was a bit dull. Mostly just marketing for Canada. However, I still enjoyed walking around there and Leicester Square with Ella and the baby. And it was cool to see Canadian flags galore in the middle of London!

I stupidly erased my memory card on my digital camera on Monday morning, after having spent Sunday visiting Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park and Westminster Abbey. I'm a dork. We had a fun day though, and you're just going to have to take my word for it!

We got all excited at Buckingham when we spotted the Canada gate, which is a gate around the traffic circle in front of the palace. It has the shields of all the provinces on it. We're such geeks. We met when we were tour guides in the Parliament buildings (in Canada), and anything that we can relate to Parliament gets us all excited.

We walked over to Hyde Park from Buckingham. I've been really surprised to see how busy all the parks here in London are. These people really use their greenspaces! There are people sprawled all over every green area. It's great. We went to Speaker's Corner and listened to some nuts rant and rave (our favourite was the Marxist who kept talking about the World Cup as a model for the struggle of the proletariat). We dangled our feet in the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. And we walked, and people-watched. Lots of fun!

We wandered down to Westminster Abbey then - slowly, because my wonderfully comfortable sandals were proving that anything can become uncomfortable if you wear it long enough. Blisters galore. I got to rest while we listened to an organ concert at Westminster. It was kind of weird modern music, not what we'd choose, but still lovely. The Abbey itself isn't nearly as big as I had expected. I mean, it's large, but it's really just a big church. All kinds of awesome artwork and sculpture and such though.

We wandered around the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye, and had supper at a little Asian noodle place. Eventually we decided we were worn out and we headed back to Ella's house.

Phew. I'm all worn out just writing about Monday. I guess Tuesday and Wednesday will have to wait!

Here are some fun pictures, though:

The Boy claims this is "the best tourist shot he's ever taken."
Big Ben, the London Eye, a double-decker bus AND me, all in one shot!

As promised, the cutest baby in the world. We bought him the Hawaiian shirt.
Isn't he absolutely adorable?

My two favourite boys.