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Saturday, June 17, 2006

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled blog programming...

...for this special post.

The Boy is in Germany (Hi honey!) on a school-related trip, which is really exciting if you're a soccer fan (he is) but very sad if you're a hockey fan (and he REALLY is).

He left yesterday. Game six was tonight. The Oilers won, 4-0. I have doubts that The Boy managed to watch the game, given that (a) the World Cup is on and it's all-soccer, all-the-time in Germany at present, and (b) it's currently 5 a.m. there and the game just ended.

Hence, highlights, including commentary from my dad. (Pardon the frightening look. He normally looks quite....well, normal. I'm not sure what happened tonight!)

The guy with the big red lips is Stephen Harper. He did some ridiculous yapping about "what the guys gotta do tonight" on TV before the game. What a dork.

Goal #2. (We missed #1. Mom and I were out shopping.
The Boy will not find this shocking. Don't worry, I didn't spend any money honey!)

Dad celebrating goal #2.

Here comes goal #3! Look out, Carolina! You're in OIL country!
(That's what the signs on TV say, anyways.)

Things are really getting exciting!!!

CELEBRATION!!! (Goal #4, I think.)

That about sums it up. :-)


Blogger mamaloo said...

Great post! I had the "baby" sleeping on me throughout the game and he kept jerkind about everytime I screamed "SCOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRE!!!!!!!!!" Poor kid!

Exciting game!

And, yeah, Stephen Harper giving hockey advice. I'm sure the Oilers have never heard that nugget about shooting the puck at the net, eh?

12:40 a.m.  
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