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Monday, April 17, 2006

Booties, pair the second

Another pair of finished baby booties. This pair is made out of a lovely mohair blend (sorry, the ball band is long gone) that I bought at the LYS in my hometown. I knit the pair once and somehow ended up with two totally different sizes, and since I couldn't find the mistake, I ripped both out and started again. Ripping that hairy yarn takes twice as long as knitting it!

While I was working on the second effort at these, I found out that the woman who owns the LYS where I bought the yarn died suddenly a couple of weeks ago. She was in her 40's, and I'm pretty sure she had some health problems, but as far as I know, her death was unexpected -- at least it was to me.

It's funny, the connections we make through our hobbies. I was really upset to hear of this woman's death, even though I knew her only through her store. She was "a character," as we say -- Stuart MacLean even did a whole segment on her when the Vinyl Cafe came to my hometown. Her store was a yarn store AND a hunting store, all in one. She was known in town as the person to talk to in town about knitting and yarn, but she also wrote a hunting and fishing column in the local paper. She was very entertaining, and so full of life. It's hard to believe that she's gone.

And yet, it's somehow comforting that these booties, made with yarn from her store, were finished just after her death, and are now awaiting the arrival of a baby girl to wear them. She's due this Friday, and she already has a name: Cassidy.

Cassidy's mom went to highschool with me, and she has actually become a good friend of MY mom's in the past few years. Her own mother lives quite far away and isn't always very supportive, so I think she sees my mother as a bit of a mother figure. A bit of a strange connection, but it works for all of us, so there you have it.


Blogger Theresa said...

Cute booties - I'm sure the mother (and baby) will love them. So sorry to hear about your loss, however - a yarn and hunting store must be run by someone quite unique!

10:52 p.m.  

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