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I'm a 25-year-old second-year medical student living in Ontario, Canada. I'm pretty sure that the only way to stay sane in medical school is to have a life outside of medical school, and knitting is one of my chosen diversions.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Patterns for pitter-pattering little feet

My life has become a bit of a baby boom of late.

First, about a month ago, a classmate had a baby boy.
Then, last weekend, my cousin had a baby boy.
Another friend (this one from high school) is pregnant with a girl, and is due the first week in April.
And a good friend from high school and then university called a few weeks ago to tell me that his wife is pregnant.

Clearly there is no way that all these babies are getting sweaters, or blankies. I'm a fairly slow knitter, and even if I had the time (and money) to make big items for all of them, my poor aching hands couldn't handle it. Thank goodness for booties and hats! Besides, I always think that non-knitters are equally appreciative, regardless of the size of the knitted item. And smaller items use less yarn, which means I can afford to buy really nice stuff.

Yarn crack, if you will. This stuff (Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk) is so soft that I have to stop and pet it quite frequently. Slows down the knitting progress!

I've bought a few colours, all in DK so I can knit two strands together and make a fairly plain pattern look a little fancier.

Here's pair #1:

I wish you could feel them. Or maybe it's good that you can't, because you'd want to make yourself a pair of adult-sized booties, and that would probably be a bit weird.

The Specs:

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK, from my favourite yarn store. The colour numbers on the ball-bands don't match the one on the Debbie Bliss website...but anyways, I used white and indigo.

Pattern: My usual bootie pattern, which a friend gave to me a while back. I don't actually know where it's from originally. (Bad, I know.)

Thoughts: I love this pattern. It's fast, and the booties are cute and don't look like they're from the 1950's. Even with my slow, infrequent knitting, I can finish a pair of these in a week's worth of Jeopardy!

The recipient for this pair is still undetermined. Possibly the classmate's baby. Who knows?


My not-so-nice attending had a Jekyll/Hyde transformation this week and has been great. Suddenly she's nice to me, she gives me positive feedback, and I'm no longer totally tongue-tied in front of her. I had a really good week, in fact. Amazing.

Only eight more days of internal medicine. Of course, I will be at the hospital every one of these days....but who's counting, right?


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